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DIY HVAC Repairs You Should Avoid

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Being handy at home is one thing that almost every homeowner loves. Unfortunately, it is crucial to know when you should hire a professional to do the job. Oftentimes, it’s quite expensive to hire a technician to fix a failed DIY HVAC repair job.  

Though there might be a lot of videos online telling you exactly what to do, they won’t compare to the specialized tools, professional knowledge, and level of experience a certified HVAC technician has. 

Today, we’re going to share with you some of the most common DIY air conditioning repair Englewood tasks that you should avoid.  

Cleaning the Outdoor Unit 

While your outdoor unit (condenser) looks like a tough and big piece of machinery, the coil inside is pretty fragile.  

There are a lot of homeowners who believe that they can simply spray down the outside of the unit to get it clean and dust-free. However, if you do this, you’re risking bending and twisting the coils. If the coils are damaged, they’re useless.  

Blocking the Vents in a Room 

For a couple of reasons, homeowners believe that it will help lower their bills and save energy if they close the vents to a room.  

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. The truth is that it will end up costing you more in the long run. A closed vent means that the air conditioning unit is still generating enough air to cool your house. However, since you closed the vents, the air has no place to go. 

Because of that, the additional air simply produces more pressure in the system. This can increase your utility bills and damage your ductwork.  

Changing the Thermostat 

You might think that it’s easy enough to change the thermostat. However, you’re wrong. This is particularly true if you’re installing a smart thermostat.  

Nowadays, a lot of homeowners buy smart thermostats. Most of them attempt to install it on their own. Unfortunately, the thermostat does not work most of the time.  

Well, there is a reason for this. The HVAC equipment that your home has might be extremely old and cannot communicate properly with the latest thermostat model.  

Another problem to consider is electricity. You need to properly wire thermostats. Else, they will not work. If an expert technician comes to your house to install the thermostat, he/she will also ensure that the wiring is not frayed or damaged. The simplest part is to program the new thermostat.  

HVAC Repair Tasks That You Can DIY 

  • Battery Checks 

Items such as carbon monoxide detectors and thermostats are great safety tools. One of the best things you can do for them is to examine their batteries every several months. 

  • Changing the Air Filter 

For those who don’t know, it’s quite easy to change the air filter of your HVAC system. You need to do this once every 3 months. 

  • Clean Around the Condenser 

One part that is exposed to the outdoor elements is the condenser. Thus, you need to clean around the condenser unit to ensure you prevent the accumulation of debris.  

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Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Solar Panels 

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Experts believe that solar panels are the future. They believe that the use of solar energy is the answer to the lack of energy and with the planet’s overpopulation. Commonly, people are unaware of the advantages of having solar panels Joondalup installed on their properties. They usually shrug off the idea of installing one due to the misconceptions about the complex installation process and cost, forgetting that they could actually save more in the near future. This is a long-term investment and a timely solution for power that will totally change your life. In terms of long term solar equipment, we also neglect the fact that it also has to be maintained if you want to use it for a longer time. Here are some ways to do so: 


Maintain the cleanliness of the panels 

Though solar systems function well every day, you can observe a decline in energy production after some time. This is because the solar panels should be cleaned for at least once every week or month to eliminate all of the dirt and grime from the dust. If your area tends to be dusty, you should opt to clean them at least once a week. Otherwise, it is safe to have it cleaned every month. 

Monitor the panels 

You don’t need to observe the panels every minute of the day, however, you should check them out once/twice every week. The inverter display is extremely vital, hence, you must monitor it regularly. Your panels might have issues if you can see that the green light is not on. Call experts right away if this happens. 

Note the performance of your solar system 

Rather than jotting down all the happenings of your solar system in a notebook, it would be best to have a monitoring system that can help you track its performance. It is important to have data about your solar system’s performance. You will be able to detect and see a timely overview of your system’s effectiveness. This can also be helpful to know whether there’s an issue. If this happens, you better contact the solar system service provider to have it fixed right away. 

Contact Joondalup Solar today     

Joondalup Solar offers a commercial or residential solar power system located in Perth. We can help you install efficient commercial or residential solar systems within your household and we also repair solar panels if you think they are failing or damaged. We also make sure that we will do all the paperwork while working in the process of having permits for the installation. Our dedication to providing efficient energy has made us top-rated in our industry since we provide quality control results and great designs that definitely hit quality standards. Moreover, we deliver environmental benefits and energy efficiency that’s founded with devoted service and the special program’s support for incentives and subsidies. We make sure that you can depend on Joondalup Solar when it comes to the people and the products that we offer. 

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