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Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring a Professional Roofing Service Provider  

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So, you have settled on your final roofing material and design, maybe even had your preferred financing taken care of. That is good news. Now that you have started the process, the next thing you have to do is to choose a reputable and truly professional roofing contractor in your area. With a lot of roofing companies that you can find online, how would you pick the right one for you? In this article, you will learn the most important questions that you should ask from certain roofing contractors prior to hiring them for your residential or commercial roofing project.  

Roofing Service

Are You Licensed? 

Bear in mind that the license of roofing contractors and the license of a business is not the same so what you should look for is the license of the roofing contractor itself. The license of a contractor is actually your own assurance that he will comply with all the international and local building codes, among other things. As a matter of fact, all roofing contractors who are operating in most states in the US should have a valid roofing license, which must be renewed every 3 years.  

Do You Have Insurance? 

Roofing contractors should have at least 2 kinds of insurance: the compensation of workers, which covers the worksite injuries, as well as the liability insurance, which covers any accidental damage to the property. Therefore, hiring roofing contractors who do not have either of the two is very risky, since you can potentially end up being liable for both misfortunate situations out of your pocket. Thus, for your safety and security, make sure that you only hire a licensed and completely insured Roofer in Richmond Hill.  

Do You Have References? 

Furthermore, one of the most ideal ways, in order to verify the handiwork of a contractor, is through talking to real customers. When interviewing a potential contractor for your roofing project, try to ask for at least 3 reliable references, and ensure that you ask them their thoughts about that certain roofing contractor. Doing this will certainly help you make the hunting process much easier.  

Are You Pulling the Permit? 

Typically, roofing projects require permits. They make sure that your roofing project is reviewed as well as approved by a professional building inspector and after that, the roofing contractor that you hired is obliged to make sure that all the work during the span of the roofing project is professionally and correctly performed.  

Do You Provide Written Estimates? 

You should never hire a roofing contractor who can only provide a verbal estimate, for extremely obvious reasons. Professional and highly reputable roofing contractors must be able to provide a clear written estimate after their inspection as well as honor the quoted cost, barring project changes. You should choose a reliable roofing contractor that gives hassle-free inspections and never pressure you into signing the estimate. It’s also advisable that you choose a reliable and professional contractor with many years of experience in the industry.  

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