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How to Do Tile Over Tile Installation

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If you notice that your tiles look old and clumsy, then a tile over tile installation is the simplest step to reface the area. Getting rid of your old tiles all by yourself can only cause possible and further damage to your flooring and wall if and only if it is done the right way. This method is just a simple thing to do but prior to starting the retiling of your floors, you should first make sure that your old and damaged tiles are in good shape and not loose. 

The following are some of the few steps on how to do tile over tile installation West Palm Beach: 

  1. Aesthetic Considerations

A tile over tile installation is very simple however, permanent fixtures can look sunken if you do without removing the tiles. As a matter of fact, the level of the floor raises and the door as well as baseboard trim may be done to alter or change to the new flooring level. 

  1. Sand the Older Tiles

If you see any grout line or old tile loose, then you should attach it again. Then, sand your old tiles in order to get rid of the wax or some other spilling on it. Also, sanding makes your old tiles rough so the new tiles stick to the old ones firmly.  

  1. Clean the Surface and Level the Flooring

Clean your flooring and rinse it thoroughly to get rid of the sand dust or dirt. Apply a flooring leveler to the whole surface of your floor. Allow the leveler fill the grout line as well as ensure that the flooring level is even. In addition to that, you may use a flat board to make the flooring more even. 

  1. Purchase

The leveler should be left to cure at least for a day or two. The time between may be used to buy the needed items such as mortar, tiles and some other important items. You must also accurately calculate the surface area to be tiled so that you can choose the size and the number of tiles needed. 

  1. Prepare the Mortar

Place the tiles on the leveler that is already cured and witness how it appears. Try to lay your tiles in a different way if you find highly noticeable portions or if the design formed is clumsy. Spot the corner tiles as well as the center tiles and then get rid of them. Mix the epoxy or latex additive in little quantities as per directions of the package. With the use of a mortar, apply carefully the latex to the wall or floor. 

  1. Install the Tiles

Begin fixing the tiles in small portions. After fixing the tiles, let them settle firmly on the adhesive. After 1 or 2 days, fix the grout line as per directions of the manufacturer. Basically, the grout needs to be combined with a particular amount of bonding agent or water and then, applied with a trowel. 


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